Family Crest and Purpose Design


Strong families are made with purpose. Your customized, modern family crest is a visual representation of your family’s unique identity and purpose. Define your family's core values, articulate the principles your family lives by, and identify your family’s unique purpose on this earth, together.

How it works:
1. Place your order and you will receive a PDF worksheet to guide you through defining your family's culture: Core Values, Guiding Principles, Purpose Statement and Family Crest.
2. Print out the guide and hold a family meeting (or two) to complete the worksheet.
3. When you're done, fill out the template on the last page in legible handwriting, take a photo and email it back to us.
4. We'll create the digital file and send it back to you to print and hang in your home.

"The process of creating our family crest was invaluable for us. It brought more clarity to the things we value, and helped us develop more structure to the family culture we want to build together. It sits prominently in a high traffic area of our home, and when I look at it, can’t help but feel more unified with those I love most."
— K + M, 4 kids, CA

"We have used the purpose statement and family crest almost weekly in reminding our kids about who they are and what they want to achieve. We feel grounded in having a specific goal together as a family."
— K & B, 3 kids, CA