Individual Crest and Purpose Design


Your customized, personal crest is a visual representation of your unique identity and purpose. Define your core values, articulate the principles you live by, and identify your unique purpose on this earth.

How it works:
1. Place your order and you will receive a PDF worksheet to guide you in defining your Core Values, Guiding Principles, Purpose Statement and Personal Crest.
2. Print out the guide, carve out some time for reflection as you complete the worksheet.
3. When you're done, fill out the template on the last page in legible handwriting, take a photo and email it back to us.
4. We'll create the digital file and send it back to you to print and hang in your home.

"Going through the exercise of creating my individual purpose statement has been the biggest blessing that I never expected. I often repeat it to myself, especially in emotional times where I really need to refocus on who I am. It has helped me stay true to myself more times that I can count."
— Katie, CA

"The process made what seemed a daunting task very streamlined. What I had tried to do on my own in the past and not been able to accomplish in weeks and weeks of pondering suddenly became clear in a matter of a couple of hours."
— Tara, CA

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